Skip Beat!

I’ve just read chapter 199 of Skip Beat! in Baidu.

I have to admit that I’m pissed at the change in this chapter. I’m also sad.

Why am I pissed and sad? Let me elaborate!

Ren as Cain did a reckless thing. Why did he even pat Manaka’s head? If he meant to make Setsu/Kyouko jealous, he made it. But then with that action, he also killed his chances with her.

He actually stated that he thought of the girl as scared hamster. And he said just so to both Setsu and Murasame. But the fawning girl didn’t take a hint and Murasame had to drag her away. Can had even said that she was annoying.

Meanwhile, Kyouko admitted her own feelings. She knew perfectly what she was feeling. Sure she made excuses that it was Setsu but inwardly she admitted that she expressed the feelings she could never express as herself.

Her sad blank look made me so sad. It was the same look when she saw Shou kissing another girl.😦 It made me hate Fuwa Shoutarou even more. Phew after all, he must have known Kyouko’s feelings towards him and yet he used her as his maid then discarded her when he got famous. That’s unforgivable! It made me want to punish him all over again. I did it once in the fiction I wrote. LOL.

Okay, so in Kyouko’s mind. Ren told her to not keep stepping back because she was already at the edge of the cliff. Kyouko looked at his hands and thought that those hands would only made her forced to reveal something that she had been hiding desperately. She didn’t want him to know those feelings.

She chose to jump! And the end, her box was opened with bunches of keys beside it.

Okay, it intrigued me. So, in other words, do anybody agree with me that Ren has killed his chances with her? He should do something soon. Jump along with her or what. I’m sure that outside the Heels act, she would avoid him like the plague. Well, he could be happy that he made her jealous, but… would he stay happy if she avoids him later?

Also, till when Nakamura sensei intends to make the readers wait for something to happen between these two characters? It’s 11 years already though one year hasn’t passed in the manga. But hello, it’s been dragging too far. Now, it’s once a month update, not biweekly anymore, it got us even more agitated. =.= I honestly will drop this manga if it’s not finished in 25 more chapters. It meant 2 more years. Cause, I’ve been following this manga since its first release. I’m getting tired with this.

What made me hang on there is that there is Fan Fiction. Thanks to Fan Fiction, at least I can read a happy ending. Yes, I only choose those with happy endings and less drama.

Every company usually has SOP. In the company I’m working which happened to be a software house, we do HAVE it. But what happened when someone decides not to follow the SOP or when we’d done some requirements from the clients by phone calls (verbally requested requirement changes)? I hate this when it happened. I have no solid proof as to when and what exactly the client had required us to do even though I immediately issue the request and put it in the project’s task scheduler.

As an employee in a software house, I found it highly disturbing. I have 2 reasons why I hate verbal requests and insisted on a written request which being signed by the responsible party from client side.

1. Client could change their mind in the middle and when the changes had been applied, POOF, the development team would feel disturbed with the newly added ‘requirements’. The requester is to be blamed by the development team for disrupting development schedule.

2. Client realised that they had requested the wrong changes and they could insist that the one who’d accepted the request and told the dev team to go ahead is the one who’d wronged them. Again, being the scapegoat for other people’s mistakes. And without solid proof, nothing can be proved.

And YET, with some clients insisted on special treatment, I have to accept the verbal request even though I’ve requested them to fill out the requirement changes form. Hello?? How is that fair for me? If something’s gone wrong, I’d be the blamed party again. And the client actually told me “It’s only a simple request. You don’t need to make it so complicated (by asking us to fill out the form).” My boss said, “Just process the request. Doesn’t seem like they understand what you meant.” I’m TOTALLY PISSED OFF. It’s not like I’m trying to give people hard time. I will process it but I also need to protect myself in case something wrong happens i.e. : the reasons above.

We’ve also have something called “IT Audit”. Yes, we’re an IT company, of course there’d be IT Audit. Then of course, if all the documents is not COMPLETE, again, I’d probably be the one to be blamed again. I remember having had to write many documents for IT Audit. How convenient! Every single mistakes will be borne by me. Should I just quit altogether?? No, but really, if people can’t follow such simple procedure, there’s no need to make SOP. Why don’t just burn out those SOPs? Wasting time! If all can be done verbally, why need a system?

Unwritten Rules

I wonder why these kind of rules even exist. I honestly hate it. It is everywhere. It’s bad enough that people break written rules often. These kind of rules aren’t fair. Some people know and some don’t. Well, how could we live with that? I think of it as a rule made up to make certain person’s live easier. If so, do that yourself, live with that but do not expect other will live up to the expectation. If you force people to live by your rule, I could only call that selfish and egocentric.

How am I suppose to know that I can’t do this or that if it’s not written? It’s not like I’m a super human with an ability to read minds. I don’t even remember all the written rules. That’s why there’s slogan “Rules are made to be broken”. I agree completely.

I kind of know about the two verses between UK English and US English in most words. I researched about US English actually since the only version I knew was the UK one. It added to my knowledge.

As I’ve stated before, I’m used to UK English since I was taught UK English and all its pronunciation since the first time I learned English. However, I can’t ignore the fact that my dear country is now more towards the US English. I’m okay with it. It was actually fun though I’d still stick to UK English for my writing. Indonesian actually uses English term regularly in daily speaking.

I can say that my country uses both English.

The fact about UK English lingering in several places in Indonesia :

1. Floor Naming : Most malls and buildings still have GROUND floor whereas American would use 1st floor for Ground Floor.

2. Centre : Some place like Medical Centre still have ‘centre’ for the name instead of ‘center’ like in US English.

3. Sorry : When we weren’t clear with someone’s words, we’d say “Sorry?” rather than “Excuse me?” when we talk in Indonesian or English.

4. Flyover : So the US would use overpass, but we stick to Flyover

5. Pavement : some people starting to say sidewalk pavement. Funny since it meant the same but it happens.

6. Trousers : not pants. Pants are a kind of underwear though people started using it for short pants.

7. Lift : Indonesian used to say ‘lift’ instead of ‘elevator’ even if they speak in Indonesian.

8. Driving License : instead of Driver’s License. More to a mix but it’s clear UK English. Just one alphabet different.

9. Film instead of Movie.

10. Cinema for the place to watch movie/film not movie theatre.

The fact that US English is in charge in Indonesia :

1. Parking Lot : It used to be Car Park but now everyone knows Parking Lot.

2. Baggage Claim : It would be Baggage Reclaim in UK English

3. The decrease of ‘u’, ‘e’, ‘ugh’, ‘re’  in words like flavour to flavor, honour to honor, aeroplane to airplane, anaemic to anemic, paediatric to pediatric, doughnut to donut, theatre to theater, etc.

4. Usage of ‘ze’ instead of ‘se’ in words like analyse, monopolise, etc

5.  Vehicle model : truck instead of lorry, sedan (though this is clearly Japanese not US English)  instead of saloon

6. French Fries : no one knows Chips as in Fried Thin Potato.

7. Diapers instead of Nappies

8. Windshield instead of Windscreen. The first thing I heard about is windscreen actually. I don’t know when it’s changed.

9. Trunk instead of boot

Etc. Fun to know that my country’s usage of English and I’m looking forward to learning more.

RIP My Dear Kong Kong

My dear Kong Kong (grandpa) was died on Feb 8th 2012. It was only 4 and a half months after Pho Pho. This time, I got to see more completed custom.

There was actually customs like hair cutting before the burial, feeding the death, and looking through the death’s sleeve. My grandpa was died at 85 years old. He had an ileus surgery several days before he died. On the burial day, Feb 12th, grandpa was supposed to depart to his hometown in Guangdong Province, China. He was really eager to go back and yet, he couldn’t manage.

We all felt sad of course. But in one side, I think grandpa was happy. He got to be with grandma now. He had been feeling miserable when grandma died. He refused to eat and to go to hospital when he got sick. We were all really worried about him. My parents lived with my grandparents. Now, without them, my parents were left alone in my hometown.

Well, I could only said “RIP Dear Kong Kong” Hope you can be reunite with Grandma there. GBU.

Writing is Fun

I started writing recently. And well, since English is not my first language, I got complains regarding my grammars. Actually, when I typed it out in my Microsoft Words, I didn’t got even single green line, meaning no grammatical mistakes.

However, I believed the grammars were right just not alright for the story writing. I noticed most stories used Past Tense for description and various grammars in conversations. I’m trying to improve my own grammars. Sometimes I’ve just completely forgotten the grammars. If I think about grammars all the time, I can’t go on. I’ll get stuck and got writers block which I loath the most. But I’m learning grammar all over again. I want to be good of course. ^ ^Writing in English is fun so far.🙂

I rarely got typos. I didn’t got those red lines either. I got the red lines when I used some foreign vocabularies. ^ ^

I realised I’ve been slacking on my own blog. I didn’t post anything since I don’t know when. Haha… Oh and the English I’m using was the mix of US and UK. Mostly UK since I was taught English UK in school. Especially, I can’t use term like knickers freely. It’s not common after all. Most people will choose using the word panties. LOL. And one more, something like nappies can’t be used either. Most will prefer diapers.

Oh, other than that, I always use UK spelling. I hope there’s no one will protest about an additional ‘u’ in words like labour, honour, etc. I used words like theatre instead of theater. Dialogue instead of dialog. Well, I’m used to it. It’s just not easy to change and maybe some people here in my country will think that I mistype it. No problem though. ^ ^ I can just explain I’m using UK English. ^ ^


Damn. These days just like a new living hell. Damn tiring. The weather is getting hotter and uncertain. When it should rain, the sun shined  brightly, and seemed to dry out the earth.

Work pressures are getting on my nerves. I wanted to swear, curse or not doing anything at all. In short, I just don’t want to do anything. I hate being pressured.😦 When it get through my head, I just want to screaming in outrage.

I need something refreshing, need to be somewhere without the pressure. I enjoy writing. Recently, I started writing a fan fiction of my favourite manga. Ehm, never thought of publish it. I just enjoy writing it. I also started doing translation for a scanlation forum, and enjoyed it so far. I just want to enjoy what I like to do. Does it so hard to comprehend? I enjoy using English in my everyday life. Heck, this society was terribly bad in adapting.

Well, can’t help that some labil teenager using English as part of their conversation in a very disgusting pronunciation. And they seemed only to use those words most people knew. If they want to converse in English, do it properly, don’t do it half way. It sounds like an *ss to me.

I certainly hope that I can get rid of my current job and applied at a graduate school. I want to resume my education and being a lecturer later. I hate working 8 hours a day in the same routine. I hate taking train to works, I won’t hate it so much if it were cozier.

And I am definitely tired so I wrote some nonsensical things. I just want to ranting and rambling non-stop.